Boosting HR Consulting Collaboration with Truehost

Boosting HR Consulting Collaboration with Truehost

The Client: HR Consulting Firm

This HR consulting firm specializes in helping job seekers secure new roles. They coach clients on resumes, interview skills and workplace etiquette to set them up for success. The firm has a team of coaches who collaborate to provide comprehensive consulting services.

The Challenge: Coordinating a Remote Consultant Team

With coaches working remotely across different time zones, it became difficult to align on client action plans. Email chains would become convoluted trying to loop in multiple consultants. Scheduling follow ups and tracking progress fell through the cracks. They needed a better way to collaborate.

The Solution: Truehost Business Email and Calendar

Key features that enabled seamless teamwork:

  • Shared mailboxes – Assign client mailboxes so all consultants can communicate
  • Group conversations – Avoid long email chains by bringing all members into one thread
  • Shared calendar – View availability and schedule client meetings as a team
  • Whiteboard for notes – Collaborate on client action plans in real-time

With Truehost Business Email, coaches could work together in each client mailbox. The calendar let them schedule follow ups and track progress. The whiteboard became their virtual conference room to align on coaching strategy.

The Results: More Cohesive and Productive Consultant Team

Since adopting Truehost, the HR consulting firm has seen:

  • Improved consultant alignment – Better collaboration through shared mailboxes and whiteboard
  • More efficient communication – Group conversations keep everyone on the same page
  • Enhanced client coordination – Shared calendar improves scheduling and follow-through
  • Higher client satisfaction – More cohesive consulting approach provides better service

The Verdict: Truehost Fuels Seamless Teamwork

“Collaborating remotely as a consulting team was a constant struggle. Truehost gave us the tools to work together effortlessly so we can focus on delivering great service to our clients.” – Founder

For professional service firms with distributed teams, Truehost provides the inbox, calendar and whiteboard features needed to drive team alignment and collaboration. The integrated suite enables continuous and seamless teamwork no matter where consultants are located.

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