Jisort's Real-Time Financial Reporting Boosts Stakeholder Confidence

Jisort’s Real-Time Financial Reporting Boosts Stakeholder Confidence

The Challenge

As a growing financial cooperative with over 1,200 shareholders, our SACCO struggled to provide stakeholders timely insights into financial performance.

Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Give shareholders real-time visibility into financial health
  • Arm leadership with reports to address stakeholder concerns
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty heading into annual meetings

Manual reports from spreadsheets couldn’t scale, resulting in blindspots for shareholders and leadership alike.

The Solution

We adopted Jisort for its seamless savings and loan management capabilities, including:

  • Real-time reporting on financial metrics like portfolio quality, liquidity ratios, and capital positions.
  • Amortization scheduling so borrowers can model loan repayment upfront.
  • Custom analytics to track impact of new programs on financial performance.

The Results

With Jisort, transparency into our financial position has improved tremendously:

  • 43% increase in leadership confidence responding to shareholders
  • 51% fewer questions fielded at annual meetings
  • 29 hours saved compiling manual reports each month

By arming our shareholders and board with real-time financial insights, we have increased stakeholder alignment while reducing risk:

MetricBefore JisortAfter Jisort% Change
Loan Defaults8.2%6.3%-23%
Shareholder Satisfaction71%86%+15%
Liquidity Ratio1.311.53+16%

The Future

With a strong financial foundation established, we are now focused on service expansion, including:

  • Streamlining online loan applications
  • Adding mobile banking and payments
  • Developing member portal for account access

Jisort’s cloud-based platform gives us the agility to meet member needs today and scale for tomorrow. We are confident it will enable our next chapter of rapid growth and social impact.

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