Ecommerce Site Automates SMS Marketing with Jisort Bulk SMS

This Ecommerce Site Automates SMS Marketing with Jisort Bulk SMS

The Challenge

As a fast-growing ecommerce company selling household products online, maintaining customer relationships was critical but challenging to scale. Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Send customers timely reminders on promotions and new arrivals
  • Deliver personalized messages for birthdays and holidays
  • Avoid high costs and hassles of manual SMS processes

Relying on staff to manually send SMS campaigns was tedious, risky, and cost-prohibitive. We needed an automated solution.

The Solution

We implemented Jisort’s bulk SMS platform to seamlessly:

  • Upload contacts from our customer database
  • Schedule campaigns to send automated SMS messages
  • Get delivery reports on SMS reach and engagement

The Results

Jisort’s bulk SMS capabilities have been a game-changer:

  • 68% increase in SMS message volume
  • 4X faster campaign creation without manual entry
  • $3,200 saved annually on labor for SMS efforts

We’ve also seen higher customer satisfaction and sales:

MetricBefore JisortAfter Jisort% Change
SMS Messages Sent1,500/month2,800/month+87%
Click-Through Rate2.8%3.7%+32%
Customer Satisfaction Score7681+6%

The Future

With SMS marketing automated, we are now focused on service expansion, including:

  • Launching an AI chatbot to handle customer inquiries
  • Building WhatsApp and social media integrations
  • Testing personalized recommendations in messages

We plan to continue leveraging Jisort’s platform to enhance omni-channel engagement as we scale new solutions to delight customers. SMS will play an integral role in this next phase of rapid growth for our brand.

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